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Amador, Dennis Teacher
Anderson, Sky Teacher
Andrews, Hyrum Teacher
Anzo, Frank (951) 695-4200 ex.703 Math Teacher
Armijo, Alison (951) 695-4200 ex.508 Teacher
Backus, Valerie (951) 695-4200 ex.278 Teacher
Baron, Kristy Teacher
Barret, David Teacher
Baun, Michelle Teacher
Benjamin, Stephanie ex.(951)695-4200 ext 642 Teacher
Bishop, Paul Teacher
Brady, Ginger (951) 695-4200 ex.X421 Teacher
Braun, Susan (951) 695-4200 ex.260 Teacher
Briggs, Shirley Teacher
Brooks, Carol Teacher
Brown, Bryan (951) 695-4200 ex.452 Teacher
Brown, Mary-Beth Staff
Caldwell, Mr. (951) 695-4200 ex.715 Math Teacher
Campbell, Sandi Teacher
Campo, Mary Staff
Campo, Ric Teacher
Canizales, Candi (951) 695-4200 ex.332 Teacher
Caponigro, Jess Teacher
Carey, RS (951) 695-4200 ex.x464 Teacher
Carlson, David (951) 695-4200 ex.257 Teacher
Castro, Juan (951) 695-4200 ex.311 Teacher
Charney, Amie (951) 695-4200 ex.405 Teacher
Childs, Teresa Teacher
Clause, Rob ex.451 Teacher
Cleveland, Tyson (951) 695-4200 ex.463 Teacher
Compton, Gilbert (951) 695-4200 ex.103 Principal
Compton, Gilbert Sys Admin
Cooke, Liz Staff
Coram, David (951) 695-4200 ex.207 Teacher
Cox, Dianne Teacher
Cruz, Joy (951) 695-4200 ex.343 Teacher
Daffern, Kim ex.171 Staff
Daffern, Kimberly Sys Admin
Dayus, Nicole Assistant Principal
Denison, Amanda Teacher
Dinsenbacher, Martin (951) 695-4200 ex.705 Teacher
Emery, Jennifer Teacher
Ford, Daniel (951) 695-4200 ex.406 Teacher
Forhane, Don (951) 695-4200 ex.353 Teacher
Fuhr, Janis Teacher
Garcia, Daniel Teacher
Godfrey, Ramona (951) 695-4200 ex.521 Teacher
Green, Becki Teacher
Grover, Sonja Teacher
Hayes, Jennifer Teacher
Hebebrand, Mike Teacher
Hemsath, Theresa (951) 695-4200 ex.404 Teacher
Herrington, Lori (951) 695-4200 ex.320 Global Science & Biology Teacher
Hodges, Cynthia Teacher
Hodgkinson, Daniel Teacher
Hodo, Rob Teacher
Holdstein, Rebecca Teacher
Irvin, Chris Teacher
Jackson, Shelley (951) 695-4200 ex.155 Athletic/Activities Secretary
Jackson, Shelley Sys Admin
Janis, Heidi Staff
Jones, Don Activities DIrector
Jordan, Nanci (951) 695-4200 ex.259 Teacher
Kardouche, Nick Teacher
Keith-Jones, Emmett (951) 695-4200 ex.348 Teacher
Key, Heather Teacher
Kingsberg, Jeff Teacher
Klair, Chris Teacher
Korchak, Vera Teacher
Koscielak, Mark Teacher
Kubly, Penny Principal
Leach, Tommy Teacher
Leonhardi, Ryan ex.413 Teacher
Lewis, Stacy (951) 695-4200 ex.506 Resource Specialist
Loya, Mariano Teacher
Loza, Michele (951) 695-4200 ex.455 Teacher
Loza, Rafael Teacher
Madera, Dan (951) 695-4200 ex.714 Teacher
Manzano, Lowena (951) 695-4200 ex.353 Math Teacher
Marquez, Miles (951) 695-4200 ex.721 Teacher
McCullough, Jeremy Teacher
McFadden, Kathy Teacher
McGovern, Stephen (951) 695-4200 ex.702 Teacher (NJROTC)
McNulty, Anne Teacher
MItchell, Jonathon Teacher
Mohr, Jennifer (951) 695-4200 ex.409 Teacher
Monteros-Garcia, Mayerling (951) 695-4200 ex.ext. 309 Teacher - World Language Dean, CHS and District Chair - GATE Coordinator, CHS
Morales, Kristan Teacher
Morel, Chris Teacher
Morton, Marvin Assistant Principal
Mueller, Barbara Teacher
Munyer, Tyler Teacher
Myers, Susan Social Science Teacher
Ng, Arlene Staff
Norton, Melanie Sys Admin
Novello, Anthony Teacher
Olko, Kristen Teacher
Olszewski, Cathy Staff
Owens, Leslie (951) 695-4200 ex.708 Mathematics Teacher
Paino, Jake (951) 695-4200 ex.707 Teacher
Perez, Dennis (951) 695-4200 ex.415 Teacher
Rentar, John (951) 695-4200 ex.626 Teacher/ Certified Athletic Trainer
Robertson, Judi Staff
Rossi, Tony Teacher
Ruzzamenti, Joe Teacher
Sakhapour, Blanca Teacher
Salazar, Cindy Teacher
Schmidt, Mrs. Jackie (951) 695-4200 ex.414 Teacher, Yearbook and SADD Advisor
Shirley, Briggs Teacher
Shugart, Carolyn (951) 695-4200 ex.710 Math Teacher
Skeith, Sandra Teacher
Slojkowski, Aaron Teacher
Smith, Jim (951) 695-4200 ex.315 Chemistry, AP Chemistry Teacher
Smith, Robin (951) 695-4200 ex.308 Teacher
Sola, Lori Teacher
Sommer, Evelyn Teacher
Spence, Nathaniel Teacher
Stansel, Diana Teacher
Stevens, Randy Sys Admin
Taylor, James (951) 695-4200 ex.254 Teacher
Teahen, Linda Teacher
Thiveos, Maria Teacher/World Language Co-chair
Thorne, Doug (951) 695-4200 ex.614 Teacher
Titzer, Thea Teacher
Trout, Gayle (951) 695-4200 ex.458 Teacher
Tukua, Ryan Teacher
Vaez, MIke Teacher
Vanyo, Sarah Teacher
Varnam, Pamela (951) 695-4200 ex.423 Teacher
Vella, Ashley Teacher
Venable, Lisa (951) 695-4200 ex.723 Teacher
Venittelli, Mary Teacher
Walker, Karen (951) 695-4200 ex.718 Teacher
Wells, Larry Teacher
Wilga, Mike Teacher
Wilson, Graham Teacher
Winger, Craig Teacher
Wren, Sandy (951) 695-4200 ex.x129 Teacher Librarian
Young, Nancy Teacher
Zides, Michael Assistant Principal
Zides, Michelle (951) 695-4200 ex.346 Teacher